What is Fedora, exactly?

Fedora is a Linux-based operating system, a suite of software that makes your computer run. You can use the Fedora operating system to replace or to run alongside of other operating systems such as Microsoft Windows™ or Mac OS X™. The Fedora operating system is 100% free of cost for you to enjoy and share.

Learn more about what Fedora is, the community that creates it, and why we make it at our About Fedora page.

Feature overview

100% Free & Open Source

Fedora is 100% gratis and consists of free & open source software.

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Free App
Thousands of Free Apps!

With thousands of apps across 10,000+ packages, Fedora's got an app for you.

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Vir and Spy Free
Virus- and Spyware-Free

No more antivirus and spyware hassles. Fedora is Linux-based and secure.

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Comm Worldwide
Worldwide Community

Built by a global community of contributors, there's a local website for you.

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Powerful OS
An Amazingly Powerful OS

Fedora is the foundation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a powerful enterprise OS.

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Share With Friends
Share it with Friends!

Fedora is free to share! Pass it along to your friends and family, no worry!

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Beautiful Art
Beautiful Artwork

Compute in style with many open & beautiful wallpapers and themes!

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Mill Of Install
Millions of Installations

Fedora has been installed millions of times. It's a large community to join!

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Collaboration Features

Computers are all about collaboration these days, and Fedora is no exception. Learn about how Fedora will help you collaborate below.

scr-shot_evoluation icon_evaluation

Evolution Email, Calendar and More

Evolution is a powerful and full-featured email program. In addition to email, Evolution features a calendar, task manager, memo system, and an address book for your contacts.

Evolution supports viewing and synching to calendar, address, and task services such as Yahoo! Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Remember the Milk, so it can integrate neatly in your pre-existing online world. You can even install an RSS reader plugin if you so choose.

You can add multiple accounts to Evolution and search across them in case you're not sure which account that message you're looking for is in.

Learn more about Evolution at the Evolution website.

scr-shot_empathy icon_empathy

Empathy Video & Text chat

Empathy is an instant messaging (IM) client that can access Gmail, MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, Jabber, and other IM and chat networks. Empathy also supports Jabber-based VoIP calls & video chat provided by services such as Google Talk.

Empathy is very powerful and you can personalize it very easily. For example, Empathy is compatible with many Adium chat themes, so you can easily bling up your conversation windows (view a list of compatible themes here.) Empathy also hooks into Rhythmbox so you can enable your currently-playing music track to be listed in your personal status in Empathy and share your musical interests with your buddies.

Learn more about Empathy at the Empathy website.

Personal File Sharing

Connect to public file shares on a network, and share files from your machine as well. You can also share files via Bluetooth (TM).

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Gwibber Tweets & Dents

Send tweets to Twitter and dents to Identi.ca - even send updates to your Facebook, all from one app! Catch up with all of your friends on social networks in one feed.

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Remote Desktop

Connect to a friend's desktop remotely, or set your home desktop up as a server and connect to it from your laptop while you're travelling.

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Entertainment & Media Features

Learn how Fedora helps turn your computer into an entertainment and media center.

Totem Video Player

Totem Movie Player plays movie files of many various formats, as well as DVDs, CDs, and VCDs. Many great plugins exist for Totem that enable you to expand your experience: a YouTube plugin so you can watch YouTube videos without the hassle of a web browser; a UPNP/DLNA plugin so you can stream content off of a home media server; and a publisher that enables you to share your playlists with other users on your network.

You can also use Totem to stream videos from the internet.

Learn more about Totem at the Totem website.

Rhythmbox Music & Podcast Player

Rhythmbox plays CDs, internet radio, and podcasts, and it is also a music collection manager. Not only can you play music on your computer's hard drive; you can also stream from and share to other computers on the network via DAAP or UPNP/DLNA sharing. Want to play music from your Fedora laptop on your PlayStation® 3? Totally do-able via UPNP. Rhythmbox also has plugins for Last.fm, Jamendo (Creative Commons-licensed music), and Magnatune.

You can manage your podcast subscriptions through Rhythmbox, and you can also use it to sync music and podcasts to your portable music player.

Learn more about Rhythmbox at the Rhythmbox website.

Sound Recorder

Sound Recorder can record and play .flac, .oga (OGG audio), and .wav sound files.

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Sound Juicer CD Ripper

Sound Juicer lets you extract the audio from CDs and convert them to audio files your computer can play. This program also plays CDs.

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CD/DVD Creator

There's a CD/DVD burning tool in Fedora that makes it easy to create CDs and DVDs when you insert a blank disc.

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Cheese Photobooth

Cheese Webcam Booth takes photos and videos with your webcam. Have a ball combining fun effects on your image, live!

Learn more about Cheese at the Cheese website.

Shotwell Photo Manager

Shotwell allows you to import, organize, edit, and publish your photos. It can publish directly to your Flickr and Picasa accounts. Sharing your photos with the world is easy with Shotwell!

Learn more about Shotwell at the Shotwell website.

Creativity Features

Got an urge to express yourself artistically? Fedora's got a treasure trove of professional-quality tools that offer a myriad of ways to create art! By the way, many of these tools support Wacom (TM) tablet pen pressure-sensitivity, so if you have a tablet you're in for a treat!

Gimp Image Editor

The Gimp is fully-featured and bitmap image editor. Simply use it for simple image cropping, resizing, and red-eye correction, or explore its powerful advanced photo manipulation, digital painting, animation, and special effects capabilities.

Learn more about Gimp and find tutorials and more at the Gimp homepage.

Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor

Inkscape is a professional-grade vector graphics creation and editing program. It's wonderfully-suited for cartooning and logo design. It may also be used for single-page document layout, icon creation, pattern generation, and text effects.

Learn more about Inkscape and find more resources and tutorials at the Inkscape homepage.


Scribus is a powerful multi-page layout application. Prepare print-ready newletters, posters, and more with this impressive tool.

Learn more.

Simple Scan

Have a mess of paper notes, sketches, and diagrams? Simple scan makes it easy to digitize your paper work.

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Blender 3D Studio

Are you a fan of 3D games or movies, and wish you could create your own? Try Blender - a suite of 3D content creation tools - animate, model, render, composite, and more.

Learn more about Blender on Blender's homepage.

MyPaint Digital Sketchbook

Create beautiful sketches with MyPaint, a sketchbook app that includes hundreds of painterly brushes, sketch pencils, and other effects. Sketch and paint digitally with a natural feel.

Learn more about MyPaint on the MyPaint homepage.

PiTiVi Video Editor

PiTiVi is a linear video editing tool. Import video files from your camera or handheld device, and cut and paste clips and add audio tracks.

Learn more about PiTiVi on the PiTiVi homepage.

Audacity Sound Editor

Audacity is a multi-track audio editor for sound files. Record, edit, splice, add effects, and more.

Learn more about Audacity on the Audacity homepage.

Office & Productivity Features

You've got things to do, and you need to concentrate and manage your time. Can Fedora help? Absolutely.

Hamster Time Tracker

Tell Hamster what you're working on, and it'll time your progress and poke you at regular intervals to make sure you're not distracted! It also generates weekly reports so you can examine how you've spent your week.

Learn more at the Hamster website.

Gnote Note-taking

Neatly integrated into the desktop, Gnote is a note-taking application that you can use to build a personal database of notes and to track your to-dos. It automatically saves your notes with no intervention from you and has a rich search interface.

Learn more at the Gnote website.

LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is a free word processor that allows you to open, create, modify, and print digital documents. It has a built-in PDF exporter, and it can open and save in Microsoft (R) formats as well as open formats.

Learn more about LibreOffice on the LibreOffice homepage.

LibreOffice Impress

Open, create, and edit presentation slideshows with LibreOffice Impress. Add slide transitions and download free slide templates. You may export presentations as PDF files for easy exchange.

Learn more about LibreOffice on the LibreOffice homepage.

LibreOffice Calc

Part of the LibreOffice suite, Calc is a full-featured spreadsheet application. Crunch numbers or simply organize tabular information.

Learn more.

GScan2PDF Text Recognition

Scanning documents into PDF format is easy, but can you search their content? Gscan2pdf uses optical recognition software to scan your PDF documents and convert images to text.

Learn more.

Vym Mind-Mapper

Got a complex project and need to organize your thoughts and map out the project's different aspects? Try Vym, a mind-mapping tool that helps you easily diagram your thoughts.

Learn more.

Desktop Basics

There's some cool basics built into our desktop that you might not be aware of. Learn about some of these treasures here!

Integrated Clock

If you're an Evolution user, Fedora's desktop clock has some nice integration treats for you. The desktop clock integrates with your Evolution calendar events and task list, displaying your appointments and to-dos right alongside the clock.

Try it now in Fedora! Simply click on the clock in the top bar of your desktop!

Network Manager

Getting connected to the internet has never been easier. Whether you're using a wired internet connection, a wireless access point, an encrypted and/or hidden wireless access point, a corporate VPN, or even tethering to a broadband phone, Network Manager makes it easy.

Learn more at the Network Manager website.

Animated & slideshow backgrounds

Fedora has support for background animations and slideshows. In fact, some of the backgrounds in Fedora change color with the time of day! Look for it!

Look for wallpapers with a clock emblem in System Settings > Background.

Power Manager

GNOME power manager system lets you customize how your Fedora laptop behaves in different battery-charging and non-battery-charging scenarios. Control how the screen dims and when the computer suspends, and more.

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Disk Utility

View all the harddrives and removeable drives connected to your machine. Perform basic maintenance operations and more advanced formatting and connection configuration options.

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Disk Usage Analyzer

No more space on your hard drive? Where did the gigabytes and megabytes go? The disk usage analyzer examines your hard drive and provides interactive graphs to help you figure out which folders are wasting your space and helps you clean them out.

Learn more at the Disk Usage Analyzer website.

IBus Keyboard Input

IBus is a keyboard input system with a handy little applet built right into the desktop. Do you speak one or more languages that require an advanced input system? IBus lets you add and switch between different input systems so you can write in your preferred language whenever you want.

Learn more at the IBus website.